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Online fax services have changed the way businesses send, secure and manage sensitive documents. There are many online fax service options in the market and deciding on the best fax service for you comes down to the features your organization needs, the fax service cost and security options. Whether you're a small startup or a multinational corporation, Notifyre's HIPAA compliant and ISO certified fax platform offers advanced security along with a suite of fax feature to meet your needs. In this article we give you a rundown of the services and features Notifyre offers.


What Makes Us Different From Other Fax Services? 

Our pay-as-you go sending gives your organization the flexibility to scale your sending up and down. Notifyre provides a range of receive plans with small to large fax page options This flexibility allows your businesses to select a plan that matches your usage patterns and budget, ensuring efficient and cost-effective faxing.  

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Notifyre is a Simple and Easy-to-Use Fax Solution

There's no need for additional software and no set up fees. With Notifyre, your faxing process remains smooth and efficient, regardless of your setup.

Online Platform: Seamlessly send and receive faxes with our versatile platform, accessible through desktop, mobile, and tablet apps. Whether you're on the go or at your workstation, our intuitive interface ensures effortless faxing.  

Email Faxing: Use your email to send and receive faxes streamlining your communication channels. Receive faxes conveniently by adding multiple email addresses, ensuring that important documents are always accessible.

Fax from your business software: Leveraging our robust API Gateway and webhooks, you can integrate faxing into your existing systems seamlessly.  

Fax Essentials: Import thousands of contacts at once, create contact groups, and utilize features like fax broadcast, high-quality resolution sending (additional cost per page), manage multiple receive fax numbers, create custom fax cover pages, or use Notifyre’s free fax cover page templates, add a fax header to your cover page, or schedule faxing.

Admin and Reporting: Manage your fax communications effectively with unlimited users, tiered user permissions, email delivery notifications, email send and receive permissions, auto Top Up your account funds, dashboard reporting, activity log reports with the option to export, and contact exports.


Powerful Business-Ready Fax Features

Email to Fax: Easily send faxes via your existing email from your computer, mobile or tablet. You can send a fax via almost any email application including Gmail™, Outlook™, Yahoo!® and more.  With no software or hardware installations required, it’s quick and easy to get started.

Fax Broadcast: Easily reach your audience or individual contacts by uploading your fax numbers via CSV and sending thousands of faxes within minutes.

Free Fax Number Porting: Seamlessly port your existing fax number to Notifyre without interruption.  Notifyre provides a free redirect number during the porting process to ensure continuity in your fax workflows. 

Fax API Gateway: Integrate Notifyre's online fax functionality into your existing systems and software with ease, allowing for fax sending and receiving and more from your chosen applications or workflows.

Unlimited Fax Numbers: Tailored for organizations of any size, add an unlimited number of inbound fax numbers to your account, ensuring seamless communication across clients, sites, or departments.

High-Quality Resolution: Opt for high-resolution faxing at 200 x 200 DPI for 25% clearer faxes. Note: High-resolution faxing incurs an additional charge per page.

Fax Scheduling: Schedule important faxes for future delivery with our intuitive scheduling tool. Simply toggle the scheduling function and select the desired date and time.

Custom Fax Cover Pages: Personalize your fax communications with custom cover pages using our rich text editor. Choose from existing templates or create your own, adding personal details effortlessly.

Fax Activity: Monitor your fax communications in real-time via the Notifyre dashboard or mobile app. View sent, received, and scheduled faxes, and access fax history conveniently.

Contacts Management: Streamline your contacts, contact groups, and fax numbers within a single app for quick and convenient access when sending faxes.

International Fax Sending: Reach over 240 destinations worldwide with Notifyre's international fax sending capabilities, with fax numbers available in over 50 countries.


Is Notifyre Secure?  

At Notifyre, we prioritize the security, compliance, and reliability of your fax communications. With ISO 27001 certification,  HIPAA compliance, and adherence to data privacy regulations, rest assured that your sensitive data is protected and meets industry standards. Our encrypted cloud storage and secure payment gateway powered by Stripe further bolster security measures.  

With a commitment to reliability, we ensure a 99.99% server uptime and provide API access tokens for seamless integration. Our auto-delete features add an extra layer of security by automatically deleting faxes when sent and received, maintaining the integrity of your communications.

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Fax Solutions for Your Industry: Who Uses Notifyre’s Services?

At Notifyre, we understand that different industries have unique needs and requirements when it comes to communication, especially in terms of security, compliance, and reliability. That's why our online fax services are trusted by organizations across various industries, including legal, healthcare, financial services and many more.

Regardless of the industry, organizations trust Notifyre's online fax services for security, compliance, and reliability in their communications. By leveraging our advanced features and industry expertise, businesses can streamline their faxing processes and focus on delivering exceptional service to their clients.

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Ready to Transform Your Fax Communications?

Explore Notifyre's feature-rich faxing solutions today and unlock the full potential of your business communications.

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