Create Moments They'll Never Forget with SMS for Event Management

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When running a great event, a successful marketing and promotional campaign is vital to ensuring tickets are sold and attendees remain happy. No matter what type of event you’re hosting, whether it’s a concert, fundraising event or festival, effective internal and external communications is important to ensure your event runs seamlessly and all those involved, including event organizers and attendees, are informed at every stage of the journey. 

Capture your audience’s attention to raise awareness of your event and boost ticket sales by using SMS as part of your event management marketing. With 86% of event marketers believing that technology, including SMS, can have a major positive impact on the success of their events, it’s the perfect time to utilize SMS in your business to promote and sell tickets and keep your fans engaged with upcoming events and promotions.  We dive into the benefits and features of SMS text messaging and how to implement SMS for event management in your business below. 

Drive Event Attendance and Ticket Sales with SMS Broadcast

Capture your audience by promoting your event via bulk SMS to build your subscriber list and boost event attendance. Reach thousands of people all at once by sending SMS text messages pre-show, during and after. With 98% of text messages opened and 95% of them read within the first 90 seconds, SMS presents the perfect opportunity to promote your event and keep attendees informed.  

Send SMS text alerts to notify attendees in the weeks leading up to the event and send post-event follow-ups including invitations for new events and review requests. SMS marketing for event management also helps to cut down costs, eliminating the need for expensive traditional media such as television or radio advertising and providing you with the highest open rates out of all marketing and advertising mediums. 


Organize Staff with 2-way SMS Communications

Ensure your event runs smoothly by communicating effectively with staff through 2-way SMS messaging. Receive updates about your event in real-time, send out timetables and event scheduling notifications and let staff instantly respond if you need a shift filled on short notice or if they’re unable to fulfil their duties. 

Send and receive SMS text messages to staff from a channel that works best for your business, including via the secure web portal, email, app or API integration. Hosting and running events are stressful enough, which is why SMS text messaging can help to improve internal communications by eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls or emails that may land in spam inboxes.  


Automate SMS Event Confirmations and Reminders

Add SMS functionality to existing event management systems or software through Notifyre’s powerful SMS API gateway. Easily automate SMS text messages to attendees to confirm ticket purchases, send upcoming event reminders and more. Keep your audience engaged post-event by automating weekly or monthly text messages with exclusive offers, ticket giveaways and information about upcoming events. 

You can also create automation in your apps to send SMS via Zapier or trigger actions in your app to alert you to SMS replies in real time. You can also set up automation to send SMS replies when you receive SMS messages from customers.  This will reduce repetitive tasks so you can focus your time on other event planning details.


Use SMS for Virtual Event Management

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted the event sector all around the world, with many live events now forced to go digital. However, with the advancements in today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to run everything from meetings to large-scale virtual events all from the comfort of your own home.  If you need to run a virtual event, SMS provides your business with the perfect way to ensure it runs seamlessly due to the rapid speed and delivery of information. 


Fyre Up your Business Communications with SMS for Event Management

If you’re planning to host an event for your organization, effective communication with all parties involved is vital to ensuring that the event runs smoothly. Implementing SMS in your business can help to boost ticket sales, reduce no-shows, coordinate staff and ensure any last-minute challenges are averted through instant text communications. See how SMS can help keep everyone connected at your next event. Try Notifyre today. 

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