Online fax service for small business

A small business online fax service you can trust for reliability, confidentiality and security of data.

Online fax service for small business

info Circle Did you know: Thousands of businesses worldwide still use fax machines

Pay-as-you-go and top-up payment options to scale your business as you grow


Retire costly, error-prone fax machines and move your faxing to the cloud

Make the switch to Australia’s trusted online fax service and instantly reduce costs associated with your fax machine like paper, ink, electricity costs, fax machine maintenance and more. Simple faxing for your team members from anywhere at any time with Notifyre easily accessible on any device with an internet connection.

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Fax machine vs online fax service

Streamline communications workflows in your small business with Notifyre

Fax MachineNotifyre Online Fax Service
Keep existing fax number/sicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Send faxes to any machineicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
More fax machine, paper, toner, breakdowns or maintenanceicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
No more busy signal when sending faxesicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Fax from any device with an internet connectionicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Send fax broadcastsicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Receive multiple faxes at the same timeicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Works seamlessly with the NBNicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Use remotely – at home, at the office or while on-the-goicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Automated email confirmations of successfully sent faxesicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Send fax via emailicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Comprehensive audit trailicon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
Industry complianticon-blue-checkicon-blue-check
100% Australian based sales & supporticon-blue-checkicon-blue-check

Tools and features designed to give your fax sends a boost

Email to FaxEmail to Fax

Easily send faxes via your existing email account, using your favourite email app including Gmail™, Outlook™, Yahoo!® and more.

Fax NBN ReadyFax NBN Ready

Say goodbye to unreliability and error-prone fax machines and hello to a 100% NBN compatible online fax service.

Fax number portingFax number porting

Port your existing fax number to Notifyre. Receive a free redirect number during the porting process for uninterrupted faxing.

Custom fax cover pagesCustom fax cover pages

Add a fax cover page to your fax sends. Use one of our existing templates or customise your own.

Custom fax cover pagesFax broadcast

Easily broadcast faxes to your entire audience, or to individual contacts. Upload your CSV, attach your fax document and hit send.

Contacts managementContacts management

Manage your contacts, contact groups and fax numbers in a single app, for fast and convenient access.

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Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Implementing an online fax solution in your medical practice

Learn about why your medical practice needs to make the switch to an online fax solution in order to improve communication, efficiency and patient satisfaction.

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

It’s time to modernise faxing in the healthcare industry

Stop using the fax machine and start using Notifyre. It’s time for you to get ahead of the curve and move your fax communications online.


It’s time to fyre up your fax communications