Securely send and receive SMS online.

Transform your business messaging with SMS personalisation, SMS scheduling and unlimited free SMS replies.

Bulk SMS

Reach your customers at scale.

Easily manage and send bulk SMS to hundreds, or thousands, via your preferred channel.

SMS broadcast scheduling: Optimise your SMS broadcast campaign by scheduling it to be sent at a future date and time.
Contacts management: Create contact groups to manage your contacts, opt-ins, opt-out lists and more, all in one place.
Personalisation tools: Customise your SMS broadcast campaign with emojis, Unicode support & more to make your messages stand out.

Create powerful connections to your business.

Customise your SMS communications and provide your audience with a direct line to your business through a virtual mobile number.

Unlimited free replies: Send & receive SMS without limits. Receive unlimited free SMS replies from customers to your virtual number.
Build brand loyalty: Streamline business communications to build trust and provide peace of mind for you customers.
SMS verification: Ensure your customers are always protected by using your virtual mobile number to send OTPs and 2FA.

Limitless SMS sending from the comfort of your inbox.

Easily send and receive SMS text messages directly through your existing email client anywhere, anytime.

100% compatible: Continue using your most familiar email app or client. Compatible with all the big names including Gmail, Outlook and more.
Unlimited email senders: Set up as many email senders as you need to send email to SMS from your Notifyre account.
Rapid deployment: Start sending instantly with no installations or downloads, just a simple sign-up process and you’re ready to go.


It doesn’t get any better than this.

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  • tick icn Pay-as-you-go-sending
  • tick icn Top-up anytime

Foster trusting relationships.

Give your SMS text messages a personal touch with optional SMS personalisation tokens, SMS sender ID and more.

Dynamic fields: Have the option to insert your customer’s first name, last name and more via personalisation tokens.
Emojis & Unicode support: Easily add an emoji (or two 😉) or send an SMS in your customer’s native language.
Unique sender ID: Insert your business’ name into the SMS sender ID to reinforce trust in your brand.

Build SMS messaging into your apps & software in minutes.

Fast, powerful & reliable SMS API built for business messaging.

Comprehensive documentation: In-depth API documentation available for developers to start building instantly.
Libraries & SDKs: Intuitive and simple SDKs for .Net, Node.js and more in our readily available API libraries.

Programmable SMS API for Developers

Turn manual processes into seamless software experiences.

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The top 5 benefits of using SMS in your business

The top 5 benefits of using SMS in your business

With the rise of mobile phone use around the world, SMS has now become the easiest and quickest way to communicate with others.

Improve customer experiences through SMS feedback surveys

Improve customer experiences through SMS feedback surveys

Send surveys and receive vital feedback via SMS to improve communications and customer satisfaction.

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